What is activated charcoal used for?

In the past, activated charcoal was considered the universal antidote.

Today Activated, it continues to be promoted as a powerful natural treatment.

It has a diversity of proposed benefits, ranging from lowering cholesterol to whitening teeth and curing hangovers.

This article analyzes in detail the activated charcoal and the science behind its supposed benefits.

What is activated charcoal?
Activated charcoal is a pure black powder made of bone charcoal, coconut husks, peat, petroleum coke, charcoal, olive bones or sawdust.

The coal isactivatedby preparing it at very high temperatures. High temperatures change its internal composition, reducing the size of its pores and increasing its surface area.

This outcome in charcoal that is more porous than regular charcoal.

Activated charcoal should not be confused with the charcoal briquettes that are used to light your barbecue.

While both can be made with the same base materials, the charcoal briquettes have not beenactivatedat high temperatures. Besides, they contain additional substances that are toxic to humans.

Activated charcoal is a kind of charcoal that is processed to cause it to become more porous. This porous texture is what differentiates it from other types of charcoals, including the kind used for barbecue.
How activated charcoal works?
Activated charcoal acts by trapping toxins and chemicals in the intestine, preventing their absorption (2).

The porous texture of coal has a negative electrical charge, which causes it to attract positively charged molecules, such as toxins and gases. This helps trap toxins and chemicals in the intestine (2, 3).

Since activated charcoal is not absorbed by your body, it can transport toxins bound to your surface outside your body in the stool.

ioe, you can detoxify and purify your skin and hair with activated charcoal.

How activated charcoal passed from a detoxifying ingredient in your diet to the beauty aisle in pharmacies.

An unlikely ingredient: activated charcoal for the skin and hair.
Putting charcoal on your hair and your face may not seem glamorous, but it has been shown to have many health and beauty benefits when used safely and correctly.

These days, people use food-grade activated charcoal internally to detoxify, in supplements and juices (like this activated charcoal lemonade) and even used to whiten teeth. But what could this have to do with your hair and your skin? Read on and discover.

The gritty black ingredient that will purify your skin and hair:
It’s true: we suggest you use black charcoal on your precious skin and hair. But we are giving you this advice for a good reason, as more and more people are delighted with the results of adding activated charcoal to their beauty routine. This is how it works: because the toxins adhere to activated charcoal, it is an excellent deep cleansing and detoxifying. It is natural and will not add new chemicals to your skin and hair when you use it.

These are beneficial ways to use activated charcoal for your skin and hair:

1. Smaller Pores

Throughout the day, toxins from the world around us clog pores. (You will not believe the damage that air pollution is doing to your skin!) When your pores are not clean, your complexion does not either. Activated charcoal: when used in a face mask, it adheres to dirt and helps to remove it from the pores, making them less visible (it is oil and dirt that makes them look more substantial). This leaves your face fresh. (Use it with an exfoliant to remove the dead skin and experience an even deeper cleansing).

2. Balances oily skin.

Oily skin? Activated charcoal can be the ingredient you need to balance things. Utilized in a cleanser or mask, activated charcoal can remove unwanted oils from the surface, leaving it soft. You will want to do this moderately, once or twice a week at the most, so that the skin does not dry out. If you already have dry skin, it is best to stay away from it for this use.

3. Treat acne

Depending on the specific characteristics of your acne, how severe it is, what is causing it and what else is happening, activated charcoal can help. In the form of soap, it is slightly sandy, which can provide the gentle exfoliation you need. It will also absorb oils and toxins in and under the skin. You can use it as a localized treatment if you do not want to use it all over your face; think of it as a mini mask for its failing.

4. Deep cleans your skin

O le taimi nei, you can find cleaning products that contain activated charcoal in almost all pharmacies. Some may be a little more powerful than others; Do not use them daily, as you do not want to absorb the healthy oils and moisture that your skin needs. Take a look at the other ingredients if you are buying a liquid cleanser; some are intended to neutralize the acidity in your skin, others have deodorant properties; Some can even substitute as shaving cream. Buy the product that best suits your unique combination of requirements and follow the instructions on the bottle. Follow your cleanser with this super moisturizing homemade oatmeal masque.

5. Calming and healing stings, cuts and skin irritations.

If a bee stung or cut a kitchen cut that became infected, charcoal can help speed healing and relieve symptoms. For minor skin ailments, such as insect bites, stings, cuts, scratches, and small infections, activated charcoal can be applied topically. Activated charcoal, when employed as a paste, helps absorb the poison and infection. It will also lower the swelling and decrease the pain. To make the paste: slowly add water to a little powder of activated charcoal and mix until you get a stiff consistency.

6. Free your hair of toxins

A shampoo with activated charcoal can detoxify gently by attracting dirt and oil, which are then washed. And because it is soft, it will not interrupt the natural moisture levels of your hair. Try the Herbal Essences Detoxifying Shampoo with Black Charcoal and Herbal Essence Replacement with White Charcoal, $ 8 each in retail stores. (White charcoal is derived from the Binocotan oak trees, known for their calming properties).

7. Add volume to your hair.

If you have enough dirt and oil, your hair will begin to regularize, and it is possible that washing with shampoo does not remove everything. Hair can gain approximately 4 percent of its weight in the accumulation of oils for the scalp, pollution, and dry shampoo. Regular shampoos remove dirt from the surface, but the activated charcoal will be extracted further. The other difference and this is great, is that the activated charcoal will not leave the residue that some shampoos do, so your hair will feel lighter and have more volume.

8. Remedy the conditions of the scalp.

Dandruff, redness, oily scalp and itching can be relieved with activated charcoal. You can use it as a treatment for the scalp before using the shampoo, or you can mix with it. Activated charcoal will work on your scalp in the same way that it does with your skin and hair: eliminating toxins and purifying. It is not clear how deep the hair follicle is being cleansed, but the results should be remarkable.

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Le auala e tuuina atu lou paʻu a Detoxification

“Detox” ua avea ma se tasi o le buzzwords o tausaga talu ai nei e sili ona lata mai. E mafai ona e taumafai se faasologa o meaai detoxifications ma sua cleansers ma fuafuaga taumafataga ina ua uma tafaoga faaloloto faaopoopo. Pe atonu sa inu detox lauti e aveesea fula sili i luma o se mea e tupu tele (lea na o le a ono i se ofu fufusi). Ae o le mea e uiga i se detoxification mo le okeni aupito tele i lou tino?

E tusa lava mea e te manatu e uiga i faiga, e le mafai ona faafitia o loo i ai aso pe a mafai ona e faaaogaina se detoxification lou paʻu. O nisi aso e sili atu muffled tatou paʻu pe talepeina, aemaise lava ina ua uma tafaoga umi, ma ua tatou iloa ai o ona matou momoe faatasi ma lo tatou vali, tatou aai i meaai leaga tele, tatou tuulafoaiina lo tatou paʻu ina ua mavae aso matafaga, poʻo, faasaina e le Atua, mea uma ua taua i luga. Afai e le aoga nisi o vaega o lou tino lelei, mai lou bowel (meaai junk tele) i lou mafaufau e (popole tele), e mafai ona foliga mai i luga o lou paʻu aua o ou pores avea clogged ao taumafai e suitulaga mo le isi faiga malfunction i lou tino .

o lona uiga o se detoxification foliga faaalu le vaiaso (po o soo se mea e mafai ai e lau polokalama) e aveese mama uma, toxins, contaminants ma e ua oti sela paʻu e faafou ma toe faafouina toe lou paʻu i ona foliga masani po o, atonu, pe afai detoxifies lelei , sili atu nai lo se isi lava taimi i luma.

Amata i le vaaia
A lelei foliga e mafai ona faamama sili lelei lou pores nai lo se faasologa masani tausiga paʻu. Taulimaina ai oe lava i se foliga (ma se fofō foliga!) Atonu o le mea aupito sili ona le eva ua e faamaimau i ai i se taimi umi, o lona uiga o se eliminator mafatiaga maoae ao e faamamā o outou pores. Amata lau detoxification pei cleanly e mafai ai ma se togafitiga vaaia i lou dermatologist po o le faamuamua spa, po o le aoao pe faapefea ona faia lou lava spa-tulaga vaaia i le fale (aua nei galo e uiga i fofō foliga!).

Faamama faalua i le aso (le ala saʻo mo oe)
e tatau ona faamamaina se mausa i aso taitasi, ae a, ae e tusa lava po o outou masani tausiga paʻu masani, a detoxification o le paʻu e manaomia o le faamamaina i le taeao ma le po. Ia silafia ituaiga o lou paʻu pe a filifilia lea cleansers e faaaoga. E taua ai le tausia i le mafaufau e te le, ma atonu e le tatau ona, faaaoga le mana faamama e tasi i taimi uma i aso uma. Afai e paʻu drier, se mama suauu i le taeao ma se mama foam i le po o le a mama, vaivai ma moisturizing. Afai ei ai se paʻu sili suauu ma fuafua-matele, o le a aoga a gel faavae o le suavai i le taeao ma le afiafi e aveese afuaga uma.

Faamama o outou mata i le ausa
Ina ua uma ona faamamaina, faaalialia o lou paʻu i le ausa o le taua i le faatagaina o le vaega e ati le pores ma ia maua mai le tele o le palapala e mafai ai. Afai e te le maua se timu ausa, e faigofie, faigofie ma matuai saoloto e faia lau lava. Aumai se ipu vai i se maʻisua, faaliliuina lea o le vai i se ipu. Tuu ou foliga i luga o le ipu ma tuu a solo i luga o lou ulu e taulai atu le ausa i lou pores vaaia mo le sefulu minute.

Ia ufimata palapala i lau uo sili ona lelei
o faiga Clay po o omea ia maua mai le tele o mea le mama i le faaputuga pito i luga o le paʻu. Faavaivaia soo se ufimata i le vai mafanafana ma tuu ai na o oe seia e vaivai, le atoatoa matutu. Ua tatou i ai faapolokalameina i totonu oo tatou faiai e tuua ai i le ufimata seia taʻetaʻei ma o tatou foliga e le mafai ona agai i (ua tatou lagonaina uma le tiga pe ae manaomia e talie pe māvava ma se ufimata o le palapala matutu). Ae mago moni lenei metotia tatou paʻu ma aveesea ai mai le suauu taua e ki lea i le tausia o le paʻu hydrated ma mama. Faaaoga le mea manava aso e lua uma mo le umi o lou detoxification.

Lelei hydrate ma puipuia lou paʻu
E tatau ona faaaoga serums faalua i le aso i le taeao ma le po, latou te lē na hydrate, ae mafai ai foi le vaega e tuu i latou e magoto loloto i lou paʻu, faatagaina taunuuga lelei. e tatau ona mulimuli masani taeao le serums ma moisturizer ma sunscreen (faapea foi ma so o se isi oloa e fiafia mo ituaiga lou paʻu), ma e tatau ona mulimuli masani faaleaiga e se moisturizer, ufimata kulimi po o le po (foi e faalagolago i le ituaiga o le paʻu). Faaopoopo i ai se suauu vaaia i lou masani le itiiti ifo i le faalua i lena vaiaso mo le taunuuga e sili ona lelei (e tusa lava pe afai e te maua paʻu suauu, le e le tupu siama i le suauu foliga saʻo ma te le clog le pores). Afai e matutu lou paʻu, opaque pe maaleale, faaopoopo foi nisi hydration / cooling ufimata pepa.

Inu le tele o le vai (ma e na o le vai!)
Le Inisetiute o Faafomai fautuaina a intake vai i aso taitasi o le uiga i 91 aunese (lenei numera eseese lava itupa, mamafa, ma isi tulaga faapena). A o le fautuaga i aso taitasi o lenei e aveese toxins mai lou tino ma tumau hydrated, maua lava ni nai tagata e, ma i le faaopoopo atu i lena, ua latou inu suavai dehydrating e pei o le kofe, sua sugary ma le ava malosi. E leai ou a ili e aveesea se tasi o nei vaega taua o loʻu olaga. Ae pe afai e ole atu i lou tino mo se fesoasoani, atonu e lelei a se malologa mai nei vai. E le itiiti ifo mo lou aso detox, ao e faamama lou paʻu mai totonu i fafo, suia lou ipu taeao (po o le tolu) kofe e moisturize ma le lauti green mama. aloese mai le ava malosi, sua sugary ma isi suavai, vagana ai le vai / tī, ma faia mea uma e mafai ona outou fautuaga i aso taitasi.

Detoxification e ala i meaai
ioe, e oo lava i se detoxification o le paʻu e mafai ona e maua ina ia faaeteete i mea e 'ai. Afai e le o oe e pei o aʻu ma e te alofa macaroni ma le sisi ma smoothies, o se mea moni malolosi latou te le fesoasoani e te iloa le mea lou paʻu foliga. Mo se rejuvenation atoa o le paʻu, e taua ai le fetuunai lau meaai i le sini o le faamamaina o le paʻu. Faaitiitia le taumafaina lou susu, meaʻai falai ma le suka faaopoopo, ua pores uma clog ma paʻu, i le taimi o le umi o lou detoxification. Nai lo, mafaufau mo le tele o fualaau aina ma fualaau faisua mauoa i alkalis e pei o pears, broccoli, Kale, meleniusi ma faʻi. minerale Alkaline (e pei o kalisiu, magnesium ma potassium) tausia malosi paʻu (ma lauulu, ponaivi ma nifo, mo na o manatu ponesi faaopoopo). Susulu mai totonu i fafo ma gaʻo maloloina e pei o avocados ma nati.

O le ki i so o se detoxification o e faatino le mea e te fiafia ai i lou olaga i aso taitasi, e tausia le vaaia o le taunuuga faʻatasi le detoxification o le vaavaaia o. E mafai ona e le mafai ona e folafola atu lou paʻu o le a outou i taimi uma fai atu leai i puta pizza pe margaritas solo le manogi, po o le faapea o le a tausia ai ma facials i aso taitasi ma le puao, ae e mafai ona e tuu sili atu le faaeteete ma taumafaiga i la outou tausiga i aso taitasi o le paʻu ma faaopoopo le meaai i lou meaai e te lagona faia ai se eseesega. Faatasi ai ma le suiga laiti e pei o le, o le a le manaomia lau paʻu a detox masani lava ona!

Pe e te lagona e manaomia e se detoxification lou paʻu? Mea o loo outou faia e faaitiitia lou pesi leaga?

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