Canabidiol ca un tratament pentru acnee?

When you look at new natural trends, nothing is trending hotter right now than cannabinoid oil, also known as CBD oil. It’s denoted to help alleviate anxiety, depression, inflammation, and even cure acne! That’s right- acne. Whenever something claims to cure or even help acne, I’m always a skeptic and insist on trying it myself. We did of course and saw the real eye-opening effects. Specifically, when it came to the reduction of swelling, sebum production, and stress levels. But, we probe deeper into that in a little bit. Before we get into how it precisely works to treat acne, let’s consider what exactly CBD oil is, how it operates, and what it can be used for:


First things first, CBD is not weed, okay?! If you’re thinking, “heck yeah, I’m going to get legally stoned,” sorry, but you’d be wrong. Its true Cannabinoid oil is extracted from the hemp or marijuana plant, dar, spre deosebire de omologul său controversat, marijuană, nu conține niciun fel de proprietăți psihoactive. ulei de CBD deține niveluri mai ridicate de CBD și un nivel scăzut de THC; THC este singurul compus din marijuana care cauzează efectele physcadelic, De asemenea, cunoscut sub numele de “înalt” senzație atunci când afumat sau consumate.

În marijuana, nivelurile CBD tind sa la niveluri mai scăzute decât THC, în plante de cânepă nivelurile CBD sunt ridicate cu niveluri mai scăzute de THC, și în ulei canabinoidelor nivelurile CBD sunt cele mai ridicate, cu niveluri de THC fiind foarte limitate la inexistente. Since it does not contain the THC compound and does not cause you to feelstoned”, cannabinoid oil is not an addictive chemical.


CBD oil works by stimulating several receptors within of the body, including the adenosine, vanilloid, and serotonin receptors. It also initiates the TRV-1 and 5-HT1A receptors, which assist in the control of body temperature, pain perception, reduction of inflammation, anxiety, and depression.

What Does it Treat?
CBD oil has been said to treat various diseases. It’s considered a cure-all, aici sunt unele dintre bolile sau tulburările generale, care au revendicat au fost ameliorate sau în mod semnificativ ajutat de către utilizatorii de petrol CBD:

  • durere cronică
  • Inflamaţie
  • Anxietate
  • Glaucom
  • Alzheimer
  • Apetit
  • migrene
  • Insomnie
  • Cancer
  • Tulburari de somn
  • Epilepsie
  • Stres
  • Acnee sau alte afectiuni ale pielii

IS CBD tratament eficient pentru acnee?

ulei de CBD este extrem de eficient atunci când vine vorba de terapia de acnee în trei moduri, prin limitarea producției de petrol, minimizarea stresului, și inflamație în scădere.

Regleaza Oil Production: ulei canabinoizi, either ingested orally or applied topically, helps to regulate oil production by calming down the sebaceous glands and inhibiting the overall production of sebum. This means that if your face is over- oily and facial pores are easily clogged, CBD can be a good option for naturally regulating oil generation.

Controls Inflammation: A second way CBD serves to reduce acne is via its anti-inflammatory composites. As we are well aware, acne is deemed an inflammatory disease in which the pore grows red, irritated, and highly inflamed. When it comes to systematic swelling, some people can only find relief with CBD oil, more specifically those with joint, severe disorders and continuous muscle pain. It is astonishing that in most instances people have reported an almost complete recovery from their chronic swelling and inflammation when using CBD oil regularly.

It wouldn’t be so unlikely to think that perhaps since acne is an inflammatory disease where the sufferers have higher levels of inflammation (due to the genetic IGF-1 gene), cannabinoid oil may also help to decrease the inflammation that comes along with it naturally.

Reduces Stress: One of the most well-known aspects of cannabinoid oil is its ability to reduce depression, anxiety,, and stress. CBD oil itself has anti-stress qualities, it lowers the heart rate and allows stressed people the capacity to relax. A study issued in the international journal of neurophyschopharmacology shows that it has advantageous therapeutic perks on the health of humans, limitând dezvoltarea de stres cronic inconstant (CUS).

Aceasta este o veste încurajatoare atunci când vine vorba de tratamentul acneei; pentru că produce cu siguranță acnee stres și de stres cauze acnee. Acesta poate fi un ciclu dificil de a sparge. Când a subliniat, epiderma sau pielea și creierul ambele produc un vârf în cortizol, care începe niveluri mai ridicate de inflamatie, producția de sebum îmbunătățită, și, în general, teren de reproducere perfecta pentru acnee.

cu stresul, inflammation, și generarea de ulei toate scoase din imagine, it seems that cannabinoid oil tackles acne in a multifaceted approach, which is exactly what is required when it comes to chronic adult acne that is unresponsive to topicals and medicine.

Our Experience
As someone who believes in dealing with acne in a holistic approach by considering all health aspects, I was beyond ecstatic to give CBD oil a whirl. It started with at my friend’s house when I told her I was experiencing chronic back pain, she whipped out her CBD oil and insisted that I gave it a try- I did. And I never looked back. The very next day I was so eager to try it again that I went to my local fresh thyme and bought my bottle.

Oddly enough I realized after going out that night and having a few drinks I didn’t breakout, it seemed strange, but I didn’t think too hard about it. The next few days, I was off the rails so to speak, I completely went off of my insanely strict diet and ate anything I wanted. I went out a few nights, drank some champaign a bit, stayed up all night, but wait what’s this- still no acne?! At this point, I had been taking CBD oil orally for about two weeks.

Some people I know never considered CBD as an acne treatment until they tried it, it initially began with pain and slightly easing a bit of social anxiety, but as time went on they were astounded to find that not only were they actually feeling better but they were looking better too

My skin, perhaps beside a spot or two, had 100% gained full clarity. I was bewildered, after so much study and research, energy and time put into a diet and living a healthy lifestyle, I couldn’t surmise why all of a suddenly (as I was totally off my diet) my skin had been the clearest and least bothered it’s been in months.

Then it dawned on me, besides abandoning my old diet and habits, I questioned if there was anything new I had begun applying. As someone who is very routine, it was easy for me to figure out it was the CBD oil quickly. My back pain subsided, stress was gone, and my skin was the clearest it’s been in a very long time. Could this be the miracle solution people claim it is?

Today many people use CBD oil, for me its only been about a month now, and I can say that I’ve noticed exciting effects, physically and mentally. I no longer wake up and bothered if I’m going to breakout, I sleep better at night and overall it has just been an extremely positive experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen effects with their current skincare, diet, or exercise regimen and continued to struggle daily with acne. With all indications alleviated and no side effects included, Mi-ar întinde în măsura în care să spun că este un tratament chiar mai eficient pentru acnee decât Accutane.

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