Cannabidiol as a Treatment for Acne?

When you look at new natural trends, nothing is trending hotter right now than cannabinoid oil, also known as CBD oil. It’s denoted to help alleviate anxiety, depression, inflammation, and even cure acne! That’s right- にきび. Whenever something claims to cure or even help acne, I’m always a skeptic and insist on trying it myself. We did of course and saw the real eye-opening effects. Specifically, when it came to the reduction of swelling, sebum production, and stress levels. But, we probe deeper into that in a little bit. Before we get into how it precisely works to treat acne, let’s consider what exactly CBD oil is, how it operates, and what it can be used for:


First things first, CBD is not weed, okay?! If you’re thinking, “heck yeah, I’m going to get legally stoned,” sorry, but you’d be wrong. Its true Cannabinoid oil is extracted from the hemp or marijuana plant, but unlike its controversial counterpart, marijuana, it doesn’t contain any psychoactive properties. CBD oil holds higher levels of CBD and low levels of THC; THC is the only compound in marijuana that causes the physcadelic effects, also known as the “高い” feeling when smoked or consumed.

In marijuana, CBD levels tend to at lower than THC levels, in the hemp plant CBD levels are raised with lower levels of THC, and in cannabinoid oil CBD levels are the highest with THC levels being very limited to nonexistent. Since it does not contain the THC compound and does not cause you to feelstoned”, cannabinoid oil is not an addictive chemical.


CBD oil works by stimulating several receptors within of the body, including the adenosine, vanilloid, and serotonin receptors. It also initiates the TRV-1 and 5-HT1A receptors, which assist in the control of body temperature, pain perception, reduction of inflammation, anxiety, and depression.

What Does it Treat?
CBD oil has been said to treat various diseases. It’s considered a cure-all, here are some of the diseases or general disorders that have claimed have been alleviated or significantly helped by CBD oil users:

  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Glaucoma
  • アルツハイマー
  • Appetite
  • Migraines
  • Insomnia
  • Cancer
  • Sleep Disorders
  • 癲癇
  • Stress
  • Acne or other skin conditions

IS CBD Effective Treatment For Acne?

CBD oil is remarkably effective when it comes to the therapy of acne in three ways, by restraining oil production, minimizing stress, and decreasing inflammation.

Regulates Oil Production: Cannabinoid oil, either ingested orally or applied topically, helps to regulate oil production by calming down the sebaceous glands and inhibiting the overall production of sebum. This means that if your face is over- oily and facial pores are easily clogged, CBD can be a good option for naturally regulating oil generation.

Controls Inflammation: A second way CBD serves to reduce acne is via its anti-inflammatory composites. As we are well aware, acne is deemed an inflammatory disease in which the pore grows red, irritated, and highly inflamed. When it comes to systematic swelling, some people can only find relief with CBD oil, more specifically those with joint, severe disorders and continuous muscle pain. It is astonishing that in most instances people have reported an almost complete recovery from their chronic swelling and inflammation when using CBD oil regularly.

It wouldn’t be so unlikely to think that perhaps since acne is an inflammatory disease where the sufferers have higher levels of inflammation (due to the genetic IGF-1 gene), カンナビノイド油も当然と一緒に来て炎症を減少させるために役立つかもしれません.

ストレスを軽減: カンナビノイド油の最もよく知られている側面の一つは、うつ病を軽減する能力であります, anxiety,, そして、ストレス. CBD油自体は、抗ストレスの資質を持っています, それは心拍数を低下させ、ストレスを受けた人々にリラックスする能力を可能に. neurophyschopharmacologyの国際誌で発行された研究は、それが人間の健康に有利な治療の特典を持っていることを示しています, limiting the development of chronic inconstant stress (CUS).

This is encouraging news when it comes to the treatment of acne; because assuredly acne produces stress and stress causes acne. It can be a difficult cycle to break. When stressed, the epidermis or skin and the brain both produce a spike in cortisol which starts higher levels of inflammation, enhanced sebum production, and in general, the perfect breeding ground for acne.

With stress, inflammation, and oil generation all taken out of the picture, カンナビノイド油は多面的なアプローチでにきびに取り組むようです, これは、まさにそれが局所剤や薬に反応しない慢性大人のニキビに来るときに必要です.

すべての健康面を考慮して総合的なアプローチでニキビに対処する上で信じている誰かとして、, 私は、CBD油に旋回を与えるために恍惚を超えていました. 私は慢性的な背中の痛みを経験していた彼女に言ったとき、それは私の友人の家での使用を開始しました, 彼女はCBD油をホイップし、私はそれを試して与えたと主張しました- やった. And I never looked back. The very next day I was so eager to try it again that I went to my local fresh thyme and bought my bottle.

Oddly enough I realized after going out that night and having a few drinks I didn’t breakout, it seemed strange, but I didn’t think too hard about it. The next few days, I was off the rails so to speak, I completely went off of my insanely strict diet and ate anything I wanted. I went out a few nights, drank some champaign a bit, stayed up all night, but wait what’s this- still no acne?! At this point, I had been taking CBD oil orally for about two weeks.

Some people I know never considered CBD as an acne treatment until they tried it, it initially began with pain and slightly easing a bit of social anxiety, but as time went on they were astounded to find that not only were they actually feeling better but they were looking better too

My skin, perhaps beside a spot or two, had 100% gained full clarity. I was bewildered, after so much study and research, energy and time put into a diet and living a healthy lifestyle, 私は突然の理由をすべてを推測することができませんでした (私は完全に私の食生活オフでした) 私の肌は、最も明確かつ少なくともそれが数ヶ月にされています悩まされていました.

そして、それは私に夜が明けました, 私の昔の食生活や習慣を放棄する以外に, 何か新しい私が適用始まっていたがあった場合、私は疑問. 非常に日常的である誰かとして、, 私が把握することは簡単だった、それはCBDオイルはすぐでした. 私の背中の痛みはおさまっ, ストレスが消えていました, そして、私の肌は、それは非常に長い時間になっています最も明確でした. これは、人々はそれがあると主張奇跡ソリューションのだろう?

Today many people use CBD oil, for me its only been about a month now, and I can say that I’ve noticed exciting effects, physically and mentally. I no longer wake up and bothered if I’m going to breakout, I sleep better at night and overall it has just been an extremely positive experience. I would highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen effects with their current skincare, diet, or exercise regimen and continued to struggle daily with acne. With all indications alleviated and no side effects included, I would stretch as far as to say that it is an even more effective treatment for acne than accutane.