Benefits of Handmade Clay Mask (modder masker)

Aging skin can be such a bummer! As you age, some skin-related issues start to emerge. Your skin starts creating less oil, which makes it dry and droopy. Who would desire to have such skin? To circumvent this, you must begin taking care of your skin at age.

Several external and internal factors, such as atmospheric pollutants, age, exposure to the sun, chemicals in skincare products, and an unhealthy diet, can immediately affect the health of your skin. Dryness, sagging, wrinkles, and fine lines develop and are normally followed by dullness. You need to follow a proper routine to keep your skin glowing, healthy, and sag-free.

One solution is to opt for skin tightening masks. Below are a few easy skin tightening mask recipes you can easily make at home. Use any of these face tightening masks at least once a week for the younger looking skin.

Before we tell you why you must opt for a mud mask at home, let us tell you why a mud mask is needed in the first place!

Sommige voordele van die gebruik Tuisgemaakte modder maskers is:

Hulle Sop en absorbeer oortollige olie uit die vel in die beste denkbare manier. Niks werk by olie-beheer beter as modder maskers. Dit kan baie voordelig wees as jy kombinasie of olierige vel tipe het.

Die olie-deurdringende eiendom help in die vermindering van aknee en letsels aan 'n groot mate.
Modder maskers detoksifiseer en reinig die porieë op die vel, en hulle in staat stel omasem te haal.

Modder maskers te dra 'n strenger effek op die vel, dus verminder fyn lyne en plooie, and are good anti-aging agents (though they act only superficially).
Skin texture is improved
The muscles on the face get relaxed. The routine tightening effect of the mask can be associated with a message.

The masks take away bacteria and dead cells along with them on washing.
Mud masks can be applied on the body also, and not just the face. This can be especially helpful if you have oily upper back (with eruptions)
Mud- baths, i.e., soaking the whole body in mud (it is a specialized treatment, requiring a therapist) can help in relieving pains such as arthritis.

They are very easy to use, and if you prepare them at home, they can save you a lot of money too!
dead sea mud mask

Benefits Of Homemade Mud Masks:
You save a lot of money and traveling time, and can easily relax in the comfort of your home!

Most ingredients would be easily available
You get better benefits from a freshly prepared mask, as compared to readymade masks, which come laden with chemicals and preservatives.
You can maintain your hygiene standards, which is difficult to do in a parlor/ salon.

Skin Preparation And Steps:
Wash your face with lukewarm water. This will loosen up and reopen the pores, and aid the action of mud masks

Apply mask to cleansed skin.
Leave the mask on the face for at least 15 minutes, or until it dries.
Avoid facial gestures while the mask is on the face. The mask may crack!
After 15 minutes, wash off the face with cold water to seal the open pores, and apply a moisturizer fitting for your skin type.

Many types of clay can be used on the skin, such as Fuller’s Earth Clay (multani mitti), Kaolin clay, green clay, white clay, etc.

Green clay- draws out toxins from the skin, is anti-inflammatory. Very good for acne.
White clay- soothes and relaxes the skin and is fitting for all skin types. Dit is die sagste van al die klei.
Rooi klei-ander sagte klei, dit word aanbeveel vir droë en sensitiewe vel.
Pink klei- gebruik vir die herstel van droë, geplooide, moeg vel. Dit het ook 'n uitstekende reiniging eiendomme.
bentoniet klei, Kaolin clay, en Fuller's Earth is ook geskik vir gebruik in gesigmaskers. Die laaste wese uitstekend vir aknee geneig en 'n olierige vel toestande
Jy kan enige van die maskers gebruik (soos hieronder genoem), maar sedert Fuller's Earth Clay of Multani mitti is die mees maklik beskikbaar een, you may use it in place of any other clay to get similar benefits.

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